Saturday, August 3, 2013

Citizen Lazlo!: The Lazlo Letters, Volume 2

1992, undated later edition, from Workman Publishing
Don Novello
Citizen Lazlo!: The Lazlo Letters, Volume 2 
Bought newish for $7.95
Slightly worn paperback

This isn't as good as the original book from '77, partly because it covers so much time, from '77 to '92, although about half of the book is from '91 or '92.  It seems odd that Lazlo is so fond of Ronald Reagan, and yet few of the letters are from that administration.  And the consumer side of things isn't as funny.  Also, the couple references to Novello himself are more cutesy than in-joky.  Still, not a bad follow-up, and I can see why he did a third volume, which we'll get to in 2003....

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