Monday, August 12, 2013

Value Judgments

1993, first edition, from Farrar Straus Giroux 
Ellen Goodman
Value Judgments
Possibly bought newish for $22.00
Hardcover in good condition with worn dustjacket

With a great deal of common sense, Goodman discusses families, feminism, politics, and miscellany (from a birdseed-stealing squirrel to Joe Camel).  If I can't give the book a higher grade, I think it's because reading so many columns in a row is wearing.  She has a certain rhythm to her writing, with a "here's the twist" after the introduction, and a pithy summing up remark at the end.  The columns are arranged by topic, and cover from '89 to '93.  Now that we're up to about 20 years ago, I'm starting to see the roots of what I think of as the present, so it's funny to come across, for instance, a 1989 definition of "domestic partners."  Her point of view is very much Boston liberal, with harsh words for California and much tolerance for Bill Clinton's adultery, since it's in the past and Hillary has forgiven it.  Uh yeah.  OK, this is still a long time ago.

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