Friday, August 16, 2013

The Case of the Not-So-Nice Nurse

1993, first edition, from Cleis
Mabel Maney
The Case of the Not-So-Nice Nurse
Original price $9.95, purchase price $6.00
Worn paperback with stains

Although this is a "Nancy Clue Mystery" (the first in a series of three), Nancy herself doesn't show up till fairly late in the story, and the main character is Cherry Aimless (a parody of the less-known-than-Nancy nurse/detective Cherry Ames).  Sort of like in Bechdel's DtWoF world, nearly everyone here is gay, although since it's set in 1959, the word retains its "happy" meaning as well.  I think the later books are better-- The Case of the Good-for-Nothing Girlfriend is coming up in '94-- but this isn't a bad introduction to Cherry, Nancy, and their new friends.  Maney is also an artist, so there are clip-art-looking little illustrations throughout, most of them having nothing to do with the text (a jellyfish, a dinosaur, a turnip, an accordionist, etc.).

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