Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Possessing the Secret of Joy

1992, 1993 Pocket Books edition
Alice Walker
Possessing the Secret of Joy
Bought newish for $5.99
Worn paperback

For what it's worth, I liked this novel better than the other two of hers I've read, particularly the second half where the main character is in prison.  It's another sort-of-sequel to The Color Purple, this time focusing on Celie's children and her daughter-in-law.  Walker addresses female circumcision, and other ways that women's sexuality is controlled, but the book feels less preachy.  I do have to say that, as in her other novels, the time frame is muddied.  And the "confession" from a lab worker who helped spread AIDS in Africa is laughable and out of place in the book, like Walker wanted to cram one more issue in.  Lessing was much more insightful about colonialism and sexuality in Africa in her 1992 book, but then she was writing about real people.

Oh, and the secret of joy is (spoiler) resistance.

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