Monday, August 12, 2013

The "Get Smart" Handbook

1993, undated later edition, from Collier Books
Joey Green
The Get Smart Handbook
Bought new for $12.00
Worn paperback

Five years after his Gilligan's Island book, Green analyzes another '60s sitcom, with probably even more detail than before.  The problem is, although I watched Get Smart as a kid, I was never a huge fan.  (I had a crush on 99 though of course.)  Unlike with Edelstein & Lovece's Brady book, I didn't bother taking the quiz.  The best part of the book is probably the comments about the show from cast and creators, as well as various celebrities and politicians, from Jerry Brown to Donald Segretti to Steve Allen.  (Allen helped Don Adams get his start in show biz.)  Green reproduces a refusal letter from E. Howard Hunt (the Watergate culprit, known for his cheap red wig and spy fiction), and Hunt seems to have absolutely no sense of humor.

I've always preferred Green's book (which we'll get to in 1996) on The Bob Newhart Show, but then that was one of my favorite sitcoms, in a different way than Gilligan's Island.

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