Wednesday, July 31, 2013


1992, possibly first edition, from Bob Adams, Inc.
Elizabeth Moran
Bradymania!: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about America's Favorite TV Family-- and a Few Things You Probably Didn't
Bought new for $6.95
Worn paperback

Like Edelstein & Lovece's 1990 book on The Bunch, this takes a trivial approach, perhaps even more so.  Yet it does have some features that the other book didn't, so I'm giving it the same grade.  Some of the photos are different, and I really like the floor plans of the house (including the way that several upstairs rooms overlook the backyard, from different directions).  Moran has the two-year advantage over Lovece & Edelstein, so she gets to mention not only The Real Live Brady Bunch (although she had no way of knowing Jane Lynch would make it bigger than Melanie Hutsell) but also Barry Williams's book.  (She minimizes the scandalous side, in keeping with her more wholesome approach.)

Yes, we're getting ever closer to Growing Up Brady.  Oh, and finally, after 20 years I got to hear "They Drive Me Brady":

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