Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Schoolhouse Rock!": The Official Guide

1996, first edition, from Hyperion
Tom Yohe and George Newall
Schoolhouse Rock!: The Official Guide
Bought new for $9.95
Slightly worn paperback

The co-creators of the long-running ABC-TV animated shorts reproduce the lyrics to all forty songs, with a few color stills and some background information.  I don't remember the songs as well as I did at the time I got this book, but it did bring back some memories.  The authors acknowledge the dated aspects of some segments, from "Manifest Destiny" in "Elbow Room" to the "more-or-less mistaken belief that children had a fear of computers, when in actuality it was most adults who had to cross the threshold.  Kids took to computers like ducks to water."  But they're also understandably proud of how they taught kids of Generation X about, yes, how a bill becomes a law, and that a noun is a person, place, and thing.  Reading the book this time, I was most struck by how the music wasn't necessarily rock per se, but had country, folk, funk, blues, and jazz influences.

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