Monday, October 28, 2013

A Desperate Passion: An Autobiography

1997, possibly first paperback edition, from Norton
Dr. Helen Caldicott
A Desperate Passion: An Autobiography
Possibly bought newish for $13.95
Worn paperback

At the age of almost 60, Caldicott looks back at her life to that point.  (She's still alive at 75.)  She's honest about her mistakes, including a difficulty in seeing others' points of view.  She and her husband divorced after 26 years, so that affects how she describes their marriage, as her difficulties with her children affect how she sees her failures and successes as a mother.  The book is mostly, of course, about her political activism, especially in the 1980s.  (She expands on the story of her meeting with Reagan, his longest meeting with anyone during his presidency.)  After rereading the book, I felt like she can be admired more easily than she can be liked.  And I was most interested in the descriptions of Australia's political and literal landscapes.

This completes another shelf, although, as always, I may redistribute the books later.

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