Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hot, Throbbing Dykes to Watch Out For

1997, possible first edition, published by Firebrand Books
Alison Bechdel
Hot, Throbbing Dykes to Watch Out For
Bought new for $10.95
Slightly worn paperback

This is the collection that introduces Thea's annoying ex, whom Mo starts dating.  Clarice and Toni's relationship goes through some rocky spots, not helped by new babysitter Carlos (the first significant gay male in the comic), but ending with Clarice adopting Raffi (yes, with two F's now), who's becoming more articulate.  Meanwhile, Lois takes Prozac, until it interferes with her libido.  Ginger finally completes her thesis.  And Jezanna reluctantly agrees to a risque fundraiser to save her bookstore.  These plots intertwine in the bonus story "Sense & Sensuality."  (Yes, Austenmania hit in unlikely places in the mid to late 1990s.)

Again, there's not a lot of politics, although Sydney does bait Mo about Buchanan's populism, just to hear her rant.  But, yes, the personal is political, and as the title suggests, this is a book about relationships, carnal and otherwise.  The next year's title is more mainstream, Split-Level Dykes to Watch Out For, not that that's not a political statement in itself.

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