Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Henry VIII and His Wives: Paper Dolls

1996 or 1972 (see below)
Copyright by Bellerophon Books
Henry VIII and His Wives: Paper Dolls to Cut out and Color
Original price $4.95 cents, purchase price unknown
Worn paperback

Although it says, "Copyright 1996 by Belleroophon Books," that copyright may actually apply to the Queen Elizabeth I Paper Dolls advertised in the front.  And the title page says, in very small font, "Copyright 1972 by Bellerophon Books."  So this probably should've gone in the 1970s.  Oh well.

I like the paper dolls, some of the gowns in particular having lovely detail.  Nothing has been cut or colored.  It seems an odd book to get for a child, partly because of the historical bits scattered throughout, not to mention the (rather bad) poetry from the likes of Skelton and Henry himself.  

As for the history, check out this from the Catherine Howard section:  "...She became quite friendly with young men....She became quite friendly with her cousin, Thomas Culpepper....News of Catherine's adventures soon reached the king, who was unable, at first, to believe what he was told."  These adventures being her "friendliness."  Either a child old enough to play with paper dolls would be too ignorant of sex and/or history to understand, or she/he would scoff at the euphemisms.

Or how about this?  "Henry VIII was crafty and brutal and an absolute ruler....He was a respected king, however, and even popular...."  Still, I give them points for trying to explain a complex time and set of people to such an unlikely audience.

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