Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Album Covers from the Vinyl Junkyard

1997, possibly first edition, from Booth-Clibborn
A whole bunch of credits, but I'm going with Project Co-ordinator Phil Beddard
Album Covers from the Vinyl Junkyard
Original price unknown, purchase price $19.95
Slightly worn paperback

Roughly a decade into the compact-disc era, Beddard and company present odd record album covers from (I think) 1952 to 1985.  They're grouped by theme, so, for instance, covers with dogs are all on one page.  The music is pop of many varieties, from funk to polka.  There are also some "nonfiction" albums, like advice about divorce, or records to test your stereo equipment.  There's not much commentary, other than in the introduction by Rob Chapman, but there are excerpts from back covers.  There are a surprising number of typos, in both the introduction and the excerpts, but they bugged me less than usual because they sort of added to the campiness.  The albums are reproduced in full cover, sometimes with back as well as front, with one to five on a page.  I'd guess them to be one-third American, the rest British, although it's not always easy to tell.  I'm using the "music criticism" tag because I think album art is part of music appreciation.

Includes an evaluation card that is hard to take seriously in this context, especially when you're asked to check off "I found this book of great interest_  of moderate interest_  of no interest_" and then mail it in.

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