Sunday, July 28, 2013

Born to Run Things

1992, first edition, from Villard
Tony Hendra
Born to Run Things: An Utterly Unauthorized Biography of George Bush
Original price $10.00, purchase price $3.00
Worn paperback with stains

This is not only unauthorized, it would probably be libelous if it were better written.  As with the satirical Look Back books that Hendra co-edited, much of the humor misfires, although this book doesn't seem as aggressively unfunny as the '90s Look Back.  There are times when it's almost funny, especially early on.  But in its less than 100 pages, it wears out its welcome, mostly with sex humor that's not even consistent in its insults.  Hendra presents Bush as effeminate, gay, bi-curious, very straight, and asexual, whatever fits that chapter.  I could've done without Nancy Reagan playing Potiphar's wife with a naive George when Frank Sinatra comes to the rescue.

There's surprisingly little about Dan Quayle here, so the approach of Slansky & Radlauer's Airhead Apparent is more eagerly awaited than ever....

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