Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Cat Who Moved a Mountain

1992, Jove Books edition from later that year
Lilian Jackson Braun
The Cat Who Moved a Mountain
Probably bought newish for $4.99
Worn paperback

Booklist said that this entry is "as good as, even a whisker better, than earlier ones," and I agree.  It's not enough better to move Braun into the B+ class, but I enjoyed Qwill's mountain retreat and the new cast of characters he meets.  (One-shots if I remember correctly.)  He's now completed five years in Moose County, which makes this 1989.  The story is set in June, and we find out that his birthday is May 24th.  (It doesn't say, but he must be 55 now.)  Qwill needs to decide whether he'll stay in Moose County, but it's clear that, although his visit causes justice to be done, the Potato Mountains (state not mentioned but far enough away that no one has ever read his newspaper columns) will never be his home.

His stay is cut short not only by flooding but by someone stalking Polly.  He actually confesses love to her!  (Over the phone.)  We don't know how she reacts, but Qwill's love life will be more of a focus in the next book....

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