Monday, July 15, 2013

The Alchemy of Race and Rights

1991, 1993 Virago Press edition
Patricia J. Williams
The Alchemy of Race and Rights
Original price unknown, purchase price $9.75
Worn paperback

African-American legal scholar Williams looks at how property, race, law, and sometimes gender interrelate.  I'm using the "biography" tag because she does share some of her personal history, from being the descendant of a lawyer and a twelve-year-old slave, to being refused entry at Benetton (of "United Colors").  Her style is meandering but worth sticking with.  She got me thinking about Tawana Brawley for the first time in years, pitying that fifteen-year-old girl, because clearly something terrible did happen to her, but she was lost in the media circus.  Williams is good at providing fresh perspectives, making us question assumptions.

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