Sunday, July 28, 2013

Window on Love: The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fulfillment

1992, undated later edition, from Crawford House Press
Dr. Lasse Hessel
Window on Love: The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fulfillment
Original/purchase price unknown
Slightly worn paperback

Few books could live up to that subtitle, and certainly this one, with only about 70 pages, some of that mediocre illustrations, couldn't.  As with Dr. Comfort's book of the previous year, we keep seeing the same couple or two over and over again.  More care is taken with them when they're naked, although for some reason the uncredited illustrator doesn't like to color in feet.  There are also typically blurry ultrasounds, in this case of penises in vaginas, with interpretive diagrams showing what this does for the G-spot in particular.  That the G-spot's existence is still controversial two decades later doesn't help.

On the plus side (or at least neutral), Hessel seems a lot less judgmental than Comfort.  And he's not just about the G-spot.  He also talks about how other parts can be pleasured, not just the clitoris, but the neck and so on.  There's a chart that offers a Summary of Positions, rating each of the spotlighted ten on everything from "Hands free for caresses" to how good it is for a man or a woman at different points.

Probably best as a supplement, rather than an ultimate guide.

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