Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Penultimate Peril

2005, first edition, from HarperCollins
Lemony Snicket
Illustrated by Brett Helquist
A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book the Twelfth: The Penultimate Peril
Original price $11.99, purchase price $4.80
Hardcover in good condition

Well, at least Olaf drops his annoying laugh.  Here in the, yes, next to last book, there are still many loose ends, and I'm not really sure what the point is in having so many of the earlier characters show up in The Hotel Denouement, but hey, at least Snicket continues to expand kids' vocabularies.  I didn't notice any sexual humor this time, but he does make it clear that the Squalors are still married, and that Kit Snicket (Lemony's sister) is pregnant and probably unmarried.  He also continues the questioning of good and evil, with the Baudelaires accidentally killing someone!  For a satiric series aimed at preteens, this is pretty heavy stuff.

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