Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This!

2006, "a leatherbound signed edition of this book has been published by the Easton Press," obviously this is not that edition, but it's probably '06, from Hyperion
Bob Newhart
I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This!, and Other Things That Strike Me as Funny
Original price unknown, purchase price $5.60
Hardcover in good condition

I laughed out loud at this book, especially his recounting of his exchanges with the likes of Johnny Carson and Dean Martin, but I found the long excerpts from his "classic" routines fell flat, partly because the humor hasn't aged well and partly because we need to hear his inflection on the lines, much more in a monologue than a dialogue.  Also, some of the material here has been presented elsewhere, including on the audio commentaries for his '70s sitcom.  Yes, he does address his Danzaing, how everyone of his shows has at least part of his name.  (George of George & Leo comes from his real first name.)  

This isn't a strict biography, since it doesn't talk about all of his life.  (Ironically, while he discusses his Catholicism a bit, he tells the joke that the book's title is from differently than I've heard it, where it goes, "I'm Catholic.  I shouldn't even be doing this.")  It's more a collection of anecdotes.  Still, it's entertaining enough, and I especially recommend it to his fans, as long as they're not expecting anything as good as the best of his comedy.

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