Monday, December 23, 2013

Unshelved, Volume 1

2003, 2004 Overdue Media edition
Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum
Unshelved, Volume 1
Bought new for $14.95
Worn paperback, with autographs and the message to "read responsibly!"

This life-in-a-library comic strip has somewhat exaggerated situations that anyone who deals with the public, and not just in libraries, can relate to.  I didn't find it hilarious and the art, particularly early on, is primitive, but there are some amusing moments, especially with the library mascot.  There's a less "radical" view of libraries here than in Mo's decision to become a librarian, but we do see the staff coping with censorship, including computer filters.

Unshelved is still around and there are of course later volumes, but I've never been a big enough fan to continue collecting.  (Yeah, smart-ass, I have checked some out from the library.)

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