Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bad Girls in the Big City

2001, possibly first edition, from Running Press
Edited by Jason Rekulak
Bad Girls in the Big City: 12 Full-Cover Magnetic Postcards to Send or Save
Probably bought newish for $12.95
Hardcover in good condition, except for the card I took out and sent

I found the covers chosen here to be more memorable than those in Lesbian Pulp Address Book from the previous year, notably I Married a Dead Man and Naked on Roller Skates.  The "nudity" isn't that revealing, although there are some covers where you teasingly can almost see nipples.  And, yes, the cards are magnetic, requiring additional postage.  I sent a friend How Cheap Can You Get?, which you can see as one of the books reduced on the back cover.  As with the address book, this was a time when I was drifting towards the Internet and away from other forms of communication, but I can't even imagine sending a postcard these days, unless possibly if I were traveling.

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