Friday, December 6, 2013

Lesbian Pulp Address Book

2000, possibly first edition, from Chronicle Books
Susan Stryker
Lesbian Pulp Address Book
Probably bought newish for $12.95
Worn paperback

This is from that time that now seems odd in retrospect, when I had email but no cell phone (1997 to 2004).  It actually says "Phone/Fax/E-mail," although of course if you have email, it comes with its own (cyber) address book.  For each letter or two, there's a cover of a lesbian pulp novel, with a blurb on the back.  I was surprised how bad some of the artwork was (like for Knives of Desire), and it does get tiring to read of lesbians as "twisted," "sick," and so on, even if it's presenting ironically.  I'm actually more interested in the fact that I was too lazy to put friends under the right letters and just tucked bits of scratch paper inside.  Still, the book has novelty value.  My favorite is for Cindy Baby, "She was a rock-and-roll lesbian with an angel's face and a devil's body!"

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