Friday, December 20, 2013

Backstage with the Original Hollywood Square

2002, possibly first edition, from Rutledge Hill Press
Peter Marshall with Adrienne Armstrong
Backstage with the Original Hollywood Square
Bought newish for $24.99
Hardcover in good condition, "includes CD of Zingers from The Hollywood Squares"

Marshall looks back fondly on the popular game show he hosted for sixteen years.  For a long time, THS was assumed to be lost, but shortly before this book came out, many hours were rediscovered and ended up on the Game Show Network.  I have to admit, based on the 45-minute CD and what I've seen on Youtube, the program hasn't aged well, unlike the still funny and fun-to-play-along-with-at-home You Bet Your Life, Match Game, and Bert-Convy-hosted Password.  (Marshall by the way hates Convy, but doesn't explain why, unlike his dislike of Dan Rowan, which he goes into a bit.)  I probably got more laughs out of the print collection of Zingers from '78.  Yet, there are some behind-the-scenes anecdotes that are worth reading.  Marshall is still alive at 87 and last month was inducted into the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame, although this show is his main claim to fame.

(Includes film criticism in the sense that Marshall talks about his not very well known movies, and there's some biography, including that he's actress Joanne Dru's brother.)

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