Friday, March 22, 2013

The Uncyclopedia of Rock

1987, first edition, from Ebury Press
Angus Deayton, Jeremy Pascall, and Geoffrey Perkins
The Uncyclopedia of Rock
Original price £4.95, purchase price unknown
Very worn paperback

This parody of rock music is definitely a case of something being lost in the transatlantic journey.  Too much of the book references British acts that I've never heard of.  Also, a lot of the humor is of the "It was very this, except that it was that" form, with a pun or reverse of expectation, which gets old.  My favorite jokes were the ones about Elvis movies and the Abbey-Road-gone-horribly-wrong cover, although it was nice to see the book include Live Aid.  The Michael Jackson jokes only got more ironic with time of course.

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