Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Missile Envy

1986, revised from 1984 edition, Bantam
Dr. Helen Caldicott
Missile Envy
Original price unknown, purchase price $3.50
Very worn paperback

While I admire Caldicott's dedication to the anti-nuclear cause, I can only marginally recommend this book.  It's not so much that it's dated (it's not like nukes have disappeared from the face of the earth), but rather a combination of too many dry statistics (which of course are completely outdated now), and some conclusion-leaping on other topics, from "pacifist" Christianity to machismo to Valley Girls.  (Like, ohmigod, the Silicon Valley is not the Valley!  Don't be a lame Aussie, Helen!)  This would've been a C if not for the chilling but funny real-life scene where Caldicott meets a truly clueless Reagan.

I also own If You Love This Planet, which we'll get to in 1992.

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