Tuesday, March 5, 2013

One More Time: A Memoir

1986, 1987 Avon edition
Carol Burnett
One More Time: A Memoir
Possibly bought newish for $4.50
Very worn paperback

I've never been a huge Burnett fan but I grew up watching her variety show in syndication and I'm always pleased when she turns up (like as a voice in Horton Hears a Who).  Here she talks about her early days, mostly pre-success, with a lot on her childhood, coping with her parents' divorce and alcoholism, as well as poverty.  She doesn't seem to have held a grudge against them, or her tough but hypochondriac (yet Christian Scientist) grandmother.  She seems to have had both low self esteem and incredible pluckiness.  She's a good storyteller, not as funny as Rosalind Russell (one of the celebrities she idolized, growing up in Hollywood), but few people are.  She wrote this book for her daughters, so it's sad that one struggled with drug addiction and eventually died of cancer.  Burnett is still active at 79, and in fact wrote another autobiography in 2010.

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