Friday, March 15, 2013

Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse

1986, 2001 Sunburst edition
George Selden
Illustrated by Garth Williams
Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse
Bought new for $5.95
Slightly worn paperback

As the title suggests, this is a prequel, although the sixth of seven in the series published.  It's much shorter and not as good as Cricket in Times Square or even Tucker's Countryside, but it is interesting to see how Harry and Tucker met, became friends, and eventually found a home in Times Square.  The illustrations are a little weak-- Harry in particular is a victim of anthropomorphism, as when he stands on his hind legs and shows off his muscles-- but I've seen Williams do worse, like in some of the Little House books.  This is, by the way, the last of his books I've got and he certainly contributed much to the children's literature of the 20th century.  Despite his flaws, I'll remember him fondly, and know that even in his weaker efforts, he can produce touching pictures, like the one on pages 38-39 of the two animal friends camped out under a pier.

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