Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Case of the Good-for-Nothing Girlfriend

1994, 1998 Cleis edition
Mabel Maney
The Case of the Good-for-Nothing Girlfriend
Bought newish for $14.95
Slightly worn paperback

It turns out I like this about equally to the first "Cherry & Nancy" book.  In this one, they and their friends take a road trip from Idaho to Illinois (with some time in Iowa as well), in order for Nancy to confess to the murder of her molesting father.  Despite that, the tone is still pretty light and the focus is still on romance among the girls, with "perfect couple" Midge & Velma having a spat but ending up married (with Midge impersonating Frank Hardly).  Meanwhile, Officer Jackie Jones falls for Cherry, after a fling with Cherry's boss.  The funny thing is, only about two weeks have passed since the series started.

Next up, A Ghost in the Closet, with the Hardly Boys helping their chum Nancy, in 1995....

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