Monday, September 16, 2013

Oh My Goddess!

1994, undated later edition, from Penguin
Sally Swain
Oh My Goddess!
Bought newish for $11.95
Slightly worn paperback

Cute book with well-done art, slightly reminiscent of Judy Chicago's Dinner Party, only these look like paintings of plates of goddesses rather than stylized vulvas.  Swain created modern goddesses, like Documentia, Goddess of Lists, and Acuppa, Goddess of Tea.  (Swain is Australian.)  Nothing brilliant here and it's a very quick read, but I like the different styles of art, and the multiculturalism.  And I have to remind myself that Jokerman font wasn't so overused back then.

This thin book completes not only 1994, but the current bookshelf.

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