Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Out, Loud, & Laughing: A Collection of Gay & Lesbian Humor

1995, undated later edition, from Doubleday
Edited by Charles Flowers
Out, Loud, & Laughing: A Collection of Gay & Lesbian Humor
Bought newish for $12.95
Worn paperback with dedication from my friend, "Seems like good advice on how to live life-- 'Out, Loud, & Laughing.  Queerly, K____

Since there are so many contributors and, as with (the then not yet out) Ellen DeGeneres, some humor doesn't work as well on the page, this is somewhat uneven.  I most liked Jaffe Cohen's "My Life as a Heterosexual," although it was more like a mini-memoir of growing up closeted and Jewish in the Nixon era.  Suzanne Westenhoefer and Lea DeLaria were probably the next best, with the latter bearing the dubious distinction of making the first mention in my book collection of the mullet, although not by that name.

Q: What's up with "the haircut"?
A: You've all seen "the haircut."  It's short on top, long in the back.  I call this cut "the mud flap."  Only lesbians and Billy Ray Cyrus have this haircut.  This haircut is an achy-breaky-big-mistakey.

It's ironic that there are two jokes about Sara Gilbert (or at least her character of Darlene Connor) being a lesbian, since Gilbert didn't actually come out till 2010 (just this week revealing that she realized her sexuality through dating her TV co-star Johnny Galecki).

I was disappointed in the rather flat contribution from David Sedaris, since I remember laughing out loud a few times at Me Talk Pretty One Day.  We'll see how I feel about it when we get to 2000....

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