Saturday, June 29, 2013

Nancy's Pets

1991, first edition, from Kitchen Sink Press
Ernie Bushmiller
Nancy's Pets
Bought newish for $8.95
Worn paperback

And this is the not only the last but the weakest of the Kitchen Sink Nancy collections.  For one thing, the introduction by the Bushmillers' neighbor is nice, but it's more about their lives than about the strip (including its oddities, which all the other introducers have remarked on).  Some of the animal pictures are cute but I didn't think the writing was as creative as usual, except for the strange Sunday strip where Sluggo learns he can't take out a library book, How to Build a Dog House, without a card.  Instead of applying for a card, he and Nancy return with lumber, nails, a hammer, and a saw!  Sometimes those kids really do things the hard way (how do they think they're gonna take the doghouse through the door, if they don't get kicked out first for being noisy?), again for the sake of a dumb joke.

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