Sunday, June 9, 2013


1990, 1991 Yearling edition
Judy Blume
Possibly bought newish for $3.50
Worn paperback

Well, clearly I found this at least as forgettable as Just as Long as We're Together, since I didn't even remember that I owned any of the "Fudge" books.  It's fourth in the series if you count Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great, which you probably should, since Sheila's family and Fudge's are sharing a house in Maine one summer.  A summer whose year Blume coyly omits, but August 28th is a Saturday, so it's possibly 1982, although considering that Fudge's older brother Peter was "a fourth-grade nothing" in 1972 and is now 11 or 12, time obviously moves much more slowly for the Hatcher family.  The two families become related when one grandmother marries a grandfather, a romance that seems rushed to me as well as to their children.  Meanwhile, Peter has a crush on a girl of about 17.  And Fudge wants to marry Sheila.  Various misadventures ensue.  A decent time-killer.

I do not own the next (and still last) book, 2002's Double Fudge.

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