Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's Always Something

1990, Avon Books edition from later that year
Gilda Radner
It's Always Something
Original price $4.95, purchase price $2.95
Very worn paperback with split spine

Although I'm using the "biography" tag, this mostly focuses on Radner's last few years, starting with her relationship with Gene Wilder and ending shortly before her death from cancer.  I enjoyed the flashbacks to her youth and her career in comedy.  I would've liked more of that, and not just as balance to her suffering.  She did her best to have an upbeat, funny attitude, but she understandably got scared, angry, and discouraged at different points.  Her title comes from the catchphrase of Roseanne Roseanndanna (and I think also Gilda's father), although Gilda had to deal with more than just the minor gross annoyances Roseanne R. did.

Although the main text is copyrighted 1989 (Radner died in May), I'm using the '90 date of the last three pages, stray writings of Radner's, with Wilder's explanation.

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