Monday, January 7, 2013

Midnight Movies

1983, first edition, from Harper & Row
J. Hoberman & Jonathan Rosenbaum
Midnight Movies
Original price $9.95, purchase price $3.95
Poor condition paperback

This mostly covers the sort of movies I disliked most in Cult Movies, sometimes giving a whole chapter to a movie, as with El Topo.  And then when they discuss something I like, such as Magical Mystery Tour, they rush through it, and in this case still manage to make an error.  (John Lennon as "The Fool on the Hill"?  Sloppy!)  I did like some of their insights, such as the influence of Catholicism and the Midnight Mass on the ritual of watching films at midnight.  But overall, there's too much of the gross and the violent, not my cup of tea.

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