Monday, January 7, 2013

"Hi, This Is Sylvia."

1983, first edition, from St. Martin's Press
Nicole Hollander
"Hi, This Is Sylvia.  I Can't Come to the Phone Right Now, So When You Hear the Beep, Please Hang up."
Bought newish for $4.95
Slightly worn paperback

Not as good as the earlier collections, this still has its moments.  My favorite strip pairs a then-current ad with politics:
TELEVISION:  Spray and Wash gets out what America gets into.
SYLVIA:  Send some to El Salvador.

Sylvia's daughter has changed her hair to a shorter, more '80s style, while some of the other young women look more punk.  There are of course Reagan jokes.  Otherwise, the humor doesn't feel too fresh.  That may be why I stopped collecting Hollander for awhile, and I think the next of her books I own isn't until 1995's Female Problems.

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