Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Linda's Pictures: A Collection of Photographs

1976, 1978 Ballantine edition
Linda McCartney
Linda's Pictures: A Collection of Photographs
Original price $9.95, purchase price $25.00
Worn paperback

These are McCartney's photos of rock stars (including the Beatles), other celebrities, and her family, the latter then including not only husband Paul but daughters Heather (by her first husband), Mary, and Stella.  (Only son James was born the year after this book came out.)  Some of the photos are quite good-- the one of Crosby, Stills, and Nash is probably my favorite-- but some feel like filler (like the stacked cups at the Apple studio), and I have to mark the book down a notch because I don't recognize many of the stars.  (There is a list of plates.)  Also, rather than a rambling introduction, I'd prefer captions to each photo.  Still, if you can get past the glurgy blurb on the back ("She was the beautiful, energetic American girl who charmed the Prince Charming of THE BEATLES..."), you'll find that she was a very talented amateur photographer.

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