Saturday, May 11, 2013

Now, Where Were We?

1989, undated possibly first paperback edition, from Villard Books
Roy Blount, Jr.
Now, Where Were We?: Getting Back to Basic Truths That We Have Lost Sight of Through No Fault of My Own
Original price $4.95, purchase price $3.95
Worn paperback

This is another slip in quality for Blount, though it still has its moments, mostly in the last 70 pages.  (Yes, right around the time he starts making fun of Reagan.)  One oddity to this copy is that pages 115 to 146 are missing, and are replaced by duplicates of pages 147 to 178.  So one minute he's talking about power-walking and the next he's talking about cola.

I did like seeing his take on health spas, compared to Jessica Mitford's a decade or two earlier.  (The pieces are from '78 onwards.)  The cover illustration riffs off of a piece imagining himself at the Constitutional Convention, which has a great last line.  His next book, the novel First Hubby, will offer a very different look at politics, which I'll discuss in 1990....

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