Friday, November 30, 2012

Eve's Rib

1980, first edition, from St. Martin's Press
Mariette Nowak
Eve's Rib: A Revolutionary New View of the Female
Original price $5.95, purchase price $3.95
Falling apart paperback

Nowak examines females of assorted species, from insects to humans, pointing out the diversity of roles.  Some of this has been covered already in books I own, but it's still an interesting, accessible book on science.  (I will admit that I never knew before that Lionel Tiger's coauthor was named Robin Fox, which I think adds to the hilarity of them writing about animals.)  Nowak is generally optimistic, but she does acknowledge a backlash against feminism.  At that time, the backlash seemed small and manageable, and Nowak was not the only one to think that if people knew the wide array of human possibility, they would live up to it.  Interestingly, she does believe that babies benefit from a constant adult presence, but she doesn't think that has to be exclusively the mother.

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