Sunday, November 11, 2012

Beatles in Their Own Words

1978, Delilah/Putnam edition, from later that year
Compiled by Miles, edited by Pearce Marchbank
Beatles in Their Own Words
Original price $6.95, purchase price unknown
Slightly worn paperback

A collection of Beatles quotes, arranged in a mix of chronologically and thematically, this doesn't really have too much you can't find elsewhere, numerous photos included.  It is though I think the first of my books to mention Brian Epstein's homosexuality.  (Cynthia Lennon glossed over it, along with much else, but as I said in my review of her book, she was somewhat naive.)  The best part of this book is probably the one-liners delivered at press conferences.  Ironically, these flippant remarks have aged better than the Beatles' musings.  (No matter how often I encounter it, I have no idea what John Lennon meant by comparing American girls to 1940s horses.)

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