Saturday, September 29, 2012

Welcome Back, Kotter #4: 10-4, Sweathogs!

1976, possibly first edition, from Grosset & Dunlap
William Johnston
Welcome Back, Kotter #4: 10-4, Sweathogs!
Original price $1.25, purchase price 49 cents
Worn paperback

A TV tie-in book for one of my favorite shows of my preteens, this is much less funny than the program.  (I've got the first season on DVD, and some of the later episodes, so trust me, this isn't just adult hindsight.)  The main interest here, other than the characters acting somewhat out of character (including an uncanonical backstory for Horshack's father), is in the topical references to CB radios (hence the title) and the Bicentennial.  I used to own #2, The Sweathog Newshawks, and recall it as having a better plot and I think better dialogue, although all the books seem to have been written by Johnston.  As with the Pussycats crossword puzzle book, this only mildly satisfies nostalgia.

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