Sunday, September 30, 2012

Media Sexploitation

1976, 1977 Signet edition
Wilson Bryan Key
Media Sexploitation
Original price $2.25, purchase price $1.65
Very worn paperback

Weak follow-up to Subliminal Seduction, this doesn't offer much new beyond a discussion of subliminal appeals to other senses than visual (which is hard to demonstrate in print), and the embeds are harder than ever to see.  Also, I'm dubious about the chapter on rock music.  While it is possible that "Hey Jude" and "Bridge over Troubled Water" are drug songs, I can't buy some of Key's other conclusions, including that the Beatles are responsible for the "Paul is dead" rumors.  For one thing, I think that the Beatles could've managed to get Paul's age right on the Abbey Road cover (28IF).  Had there been a conspiracy, it would've been better done.

Still, I did enjoy the lesbian Sears ad and the cross-dressing Playboy and Oui covers.  As I recall, his next book, Clam-Plate Orgy (1980), is better, or at least it has the best title of the bunch.

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