Saturday, June 30, 2012

One Small Voice

1961, possibly first edition, from Julian Messner, Inc.
Bob and Jan Young
One Small Voice
Original and purchase price unknown
Worn hardcover with stains

While in some ways this has a very 1950s heroine, ponytail and all, the plot of corrupt local officials-- mayor and police-- verges on the 1960s.  Senior Gina goes from a shy girl who only cares about music to an activist who motivates her classmates to motivate most of the adults in their community to vote.  The mayor remains in office, but some of his power is chipped away, and there's hope for more changes in the future.  Along the way, Gina gets a boyfriend, and her scene-stealing little sister gets a bicycle. 

I thought for awhile that Gina was going to end up with Paul, since she connects with him more than with Walter, but Paul is poor and Hungarian and therefore not even eligible as a romantic interest.  The book isn't that progressive after all.  Still, it's an interesting read, even if the small-fonted summary on the flap gives away nearly every plot point.

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