Friday, November 15, 2013

Jane and the Genius of the Place

1999, 2000 Bantam edition
Stephanie Barron
Jane and the Genius of the Place
Bought new for $5.99
Worn and torn paperback

Although this isn't bad, it is the weakest of the Jane Austen Mystery series that I own, and I can see why I stopped buying them.  (I can't remember if I checked any later ones out of the library.)  The main problem is the mystery, which is both easy and somewhat dull.  As before, I liked the visits with the Austens, this time mostly brother Neddie and his family.

There was a point when I considered continuing with the series up to when Austen was actually publishing, but I just wasn't interested in enough.  I will note that apparently Barron is up to the eleventh mystery, and it's set in 1813, the year of Pride & Prejudice.

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