Monday, April 29, 2013

Who's in Charge Here? 1988

1988, Bantam edition, from later that year
Gerald Gardner
Who's in Charge Here? 1988
Possibly bought newish for $3.95
Worn paperback

This is about as good as the one from '80, not quite as good as the one from '84.  For one thing, the Chappaquiddick jokes (two in this volume) are pretty stale.  Did Teddy even run for President in '88?  Of course there are a lot of other Democrats (and one or two jokes are about the great number), including sex-scandal-era Gary Hart; Al Gore offering his "Kennedy impression"; and perhaps not surprisingly more of Jesse Jackson than of Michael Dukakis, but even (Senator) Paul Simon is featured more than the front-runner.  Dick Gephardt is compared in appearance to both Ron Howard and Pat Sajak, although the latter joke is poorly phrased.  (Vanna turns the letters, not the wheel.)  The British royal family jokes are getting more bitter, as in Diana's "I keep the children."

I only spotted Dan Quayle once, such a missed opportunity, but this was originally published in July.  There are Ollie North jokes though, and other references to Iran-Contra.  Bob Dole appears more than before I think, his mean streak emphasized.  The Nancy Reagan episode of Diff'rent Strokes contributes a still, though that would've been more timely in '84.  Ronald Reagan and George Bush's conflicts with respectively Sam Donaldson and Dan Rather are referenced.  And as usual we see some shots of the ex-Presidents, mostly in groups.

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