Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Orwell for Beginners

1984, first edition, from Writers and Readers
David Smith & Michael Mosher
Orwell for Beginners
Bought newish for $4.95
Worn paperback

Although the background on Orwell is somewhat interesting, especially the part on the Spanish Civil War, this book isn't nearly as well written as the two books I own by Orwell.  Also, near as I can tell, the Writers and Readers series exists mainly as propaganda for socialism.  That's not too far-fetched in the case of Orwell, but some of their other titles, such as DNA for Beginners, seem more of a stretch.  The art by Mosher is OK, nothing special.  He uses Charlie Chaplin as a recurring figure, to represent poverty and big feet, both significant to Orwell.  One of the upcoming titles listed in the back is Reagan for Beginners....

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