Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Book of Lists #2

1980, 1981 Bantam edition
Irving Wallace, David Wallechinksy, Amy Wallace, and Sylvia Wallace
The Book of Lists #2
Original price $3.50, purchase price $2.50
Very worn paperback with water damage

I found this marginally better than the first collection of lists, even the chapters on sports and war, although the book did get off to a slow start.  It seemed like there were more lists of oddities, which are fun.  I think the most ironic in retrospect list is that of "10 Couples Who Married Each other Twice."  Not only did Liz Taylor go on to husbands after post-Burton Warner (as I noted before), but Elliott Gould separated from Jennifer Bogart after their second marriage.  And there's this entry:  "It's a love story that reads like a movie script.  They were everyone's ideal young couple in love when they married in 1957.  [Then they divorced, remarried, and those marriages broke up.]  But Hollywood would not be denied its happy ending.  Bob [Wagner] and Natalie [Wood] rekindled their love and remarried in 1972-- to live happily ever after.  Pass the popcorn."  And the tissues, since she died in Nov. 1981, drowning after a fight with Wagner.

The book also has lists from soon-to-be-president Reagan, as well as ex-president Ford, and Carter's mother, "Miss Lillian," who died in 1983.  Sylvia Wallace is the mother of David and Amy, wife of Irving.

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